Is the Wyrmwood gaming table worth it?

Is the Wyrmwood gaming table worth it?

Is the Wyrmwood gaming table worth it?

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Is the Wyrmwood gaming table worth it?
► WYRMWOOD — Modular Gaming Table
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  1. Hey, I’m an idiot who (like I say in the video) isn’t used to owning good furniture. It has been made LOUD and clear to me that “a decade” was an embarrassingly short lifespan to suggest for real wood furniture. Please view this accurately as me being an idiot, not an indication of the quality of the furniture.

  2. 1) That price is very off-putting for me. But I haven't actually bought furniture for 20 years.
    2) I bought my dining room table and chairs about 1986. Solid oak, still just as sturdy as the day it was delivered. Could use a refinish due to a strange food chemistry experiment but other thn that in great shape.

  3. THe wood being heavy, yeah…. solid wood does that. even walnut and cherry can have some weight.

    The wood is also going to be a huge factor in price. I've dropped over 1K in wood for a table I'm making, and I can imagine the wenge is pricey. Even with walnut, you're looking at probably $500+ in just wood, and that's getting a good deal. (100bf can cost about 1k)

    Scratches and dings are on you. It's just age and use. There's not much to do about that.

    my question is more of where they use cheaper materials, what is the joinery looking like, etc. even at $700, it's not going to be solid 100% walnut (or whatever wood).

    The KD aspect to it….. I have huge respect for it TBH. Ikea and Campaign style furniture designed to be put up or taken down… chef's kiss. It takes a lot of forethought to do that, and KD tends to have a bad rap.

  4. i think these tables r so cool and i would love one but i just wouldn't use it, since my d&d games dont use any maps/minis/etc. while the lowered middle would be useful for my cats lol, it also just looks kinda awkward to use, esp if you're using physical dice and/or character sheets. i love the tables tho they are legit rlly cool but i will remain living vicariously while playing on the floor (i have a bean bag. why would we ever play on a table. its a goddamn bean bag jdjsjdkskdj)

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