JAIL (The Last Castle) Movie Review/Plot In Hindi and Urdu

JAIL (The Last Castle) Movie Review/Plot In Hindi and Urdu

JAIL (The Last Castle) Movie Review/Plot In Hindi and Urdu

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JAIL (The Last Castle) Movie Review/Plot In Hindi and Urdu
Distributed by
DreamWorks Pictures

Production company
Robert Lawrence Productions

Directed by
Rod Lurie

Written by
David Scarpa
Graham Yost

Produced by
Robert Lawrence

Robert Redford
James Gandolfini
Mark Ruffalo
Clifton Collins, Jr.
Delroy Lindo

Shelly Johnson

Edited by
Michael Jablow
Kevin Stitt

Music by
Jerry Goldsmith
Tom Waits

Lieutenant General Eugene Irwin is brought to a maximum security military prison to begin a ten-year sentence for deciding to send U.S. troops on a mission in Burundi, violating a presidential order and resulting in the deaths of eight soldiers. Colonel Winter, the prison’s commandant, greatly admires Irwin, until Irwin criticizes his much-prized military artifacts collection, calling it something no actual battlefield veteran would ever have. Offended Winter, who has never seen combat, resents the remark. He then opposes what he perceives as Irwin’s attempt to change the attitudes of the prisoners, his admiration for Irwin fading fast. On one occasion, Irwin is reprimanded after stopping a guard from clubbing a prisoner, Corporal Ramon Aguilar, who had mistakenly saluted Irwin in the prison yard, violating a tenet of Winter’s methods for running the prison, that the prisoners are no longer soldiers and therefore should stop acting as such.


Yates discreetly steals a U.S. flag from the warden’s office during one of his visits and reveals he is on Irwin’s side; Winter orders all the prisoners to be outside in the yard in an attempt to prevent their plot, but this was part of their plan as well, and the riot commences. Using improvised weapons, the prisoners capture an armored vehicle and the prison helicopter, which Yates uses to kill Zamorro. The prisoners call Wheeler’s headquarters and inform him of the riot. Winter has little time to regain control before Wheeler will arrive to see the prison under siege, so he orders that live ammunition be used against the prisoners. Winter knows from Yates that Irwin ultimately plans to raise the American flag upside down, signaling distress. Irwin’s men create havoc, but ultimately are confronted by overwhelming numbers of guards armed with live ammunition. Winter orders the men to lie down, but they refuse. He orders them again, warning them that the sharpshooters positioned above them will fire if they do not obey. Just before he gives the order, Irwin orders his fellow prisoners to lie down. Winter then tells Irwin to return his flag, but Irwin replies, “It’s not your flag”, before he turns and begins walking toward the flagpole in order to raise it. An increasingly unsettled Winter tells Irwin, “You will not raise that flag upside down,” but Irwin continues walking, despite Winter’s orders to cease and desist. Seeing that Irwin is ignoring him, Winter orders the shooters to fire on Irwin, but they do not. He orders them repeatedly, trying to stop Irwin from raising the flag upside down, but after Winter’s men, including Captain Peretz, disobey his orders and refuse to kill Irwin, Winter fatally shoots Irwin in the back as he lifts the flag. As his life ebbs away, Irwin continues to raise the flag. Peretz places Winter under arrest for shooting Irwin. The prisoners, now standing again, begin to salute the flag. Astonishingly, Winter notices that Irwin has actually raised the flag correctly, meaning that he had shot Irwin fruitlessly. The flag flies above the prison’s walls as General Wheeler arrives. Colonel Winter is led away in handcuffs. The inmates build a new wall as a memorial to their fallen comrades. Aguilar and Irwin’s names are among those carved onto the castle’s wall.

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