Kaise Kaise painted panels dekhne padte hain is business mai | Another day @BROTOMOTIV

Kaise Kaise painted panels dekhne padte hain is business mai | Another day @BROTOMOTIV
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Kaise Kaise painted panels dekhne padte hain is business mai | Another day @BROTOMOTIV
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  1. I have one small suggestion to your editing team, edited your video logo of brotomotiv Brotomotiv have 3 (O) and now only 2 (O) will fill with raghav and parikshit. So add father logo also because they also have great personailty and beard that make it perfect logo of brotomotiv..

  2. Well parikshit sír and raghav sir i have a suggestions to click a picture of your car cólour wall and post it on Instagram so viewers can first only decide their colour and come to workshop, even I m thinking to have custom paint job on my car so please can you do these for subscribers.

  3. Parikshit and Co, You guys rock imparting leadership skills at the very basic miniscule levels.

    Secondly I thought about sharing this 👇 wondering do you guys have such technique to tackle the worst enemy of automobiles – Rust.


    Lastly, I want to give high-five to your Dad.
    Man, He's alpha level sexy!! (expressing this with all due respect).

    I want he be featured by some good fashion label in intro'ing a particular work wear clothing collection.

    I am die-hard fan of the way he streamlines his beard. Love to him and All you guys.

    I am yet to be 4 wheeled but whenever I do…My dream is to get Willys Jeep and get it "done" by you, guys.

    Love & Light from Vasai (Suburb of Mumbai).

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