Massive Food Preservation and Big Batch Cooking!

Massive Food Preservation and Big Batch Cooking!

Massive Food Preservation and Big Batch Cooking!

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Massive Food Preservation and Big Batch Cooking!
It’s time for mega more lots of *Massive Food Preservation* and *Big Batch Cooking*! In today’s Massive Food Preservation video we’re canning over 50 pounds of homegrown pork. We’re also big batch cooking two recipes that feed my family of 11 for many dinners and days. One big batch cooking recipe feeds our dinner party of 14, plus gives a few freezer meal dinners for later. The other big batch cooking recipe is a slow cooker dinner using locally grown home-canned ground beef. I hope you enjoy this big batch cooking and massive food preservation video!

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Tons of *Big Batch Cooking Spaghetti Recipes* you might enjoy:

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And here are several more *Large Family Big Batch Cooking Recipes* that will give you lots of ideas:

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And since we make homemade Sloppy Joes out of home-canned ground beef, here are several big batch sloppy joe recipes:

Slow Cooker Homemade Sloppy Joes | Large Family Recipes
Homemade Cola Sloppy Joes Stove Top Recipe!
Sloppy Joe Casserole Freezer Meal | Large Family Meals
and here are Large Family Ground Beef Dinner Recipes to Feed a Crowd!

Here is everything I’ve bought for the new Mega Momma kitchen and many of my long-time favorite items. You’ll find my internet famous 😂 *Jamerrill Cooking Bowls* and so much more! 😊

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And here’s my referral link for my *large Harvest Right Freezer Dryer learn how to freeze dry 2,500 pounds* of fresh food per year (12-16 pounds per batch)

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  1. I was just curious if you keep a running list of what is in what freezer. How many cans or jars of things you have on hand. I forget what is in my chest freezer if I don't make a list.
    If you do bet that's one heck of a list. Love your vlogs. I go back to your beginning one's. Love the kids being so little and you could safely film them.

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