Maza To Deti Hai, Par... ⋮ BHEDIYA Movie Review

Maza To Deti Hai, Par… ⋮ BHEDIYA Movie Review
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Maza To Deti Hai, Par… ⋮ BHEDIYA Movie Review
Bhediya Review: Varun Dhawan’s Film Is Helped Along By Lively Performances. Bhediya Review: Kriti Sanon has comparatively limited footage but does all that it takes not to be swamped out of the picture. #Bhediya #PJExplained #thePJ

00:00 Dag Achhe Hai
00:19 Bhediya Movie Summary
01:32 Bhediya Post-Credit
01:39 the Positives
03:17 the Negatives
04:34 It’s Entertaining Enough, Life-Afferming
05:19 Bhediya & Stree Theroy

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