Meet the Hilarious Christina Pazsitzky — citiMuzik

Meet the Hilarious Christina Pazsitzky — citiMuzik

Tom Segura Wife, known professionally as Christina P and celebrated as the wife of comedian Tom Segura, has made a name for herself in the world of comedy and podcasting. With a net worth of $12 million, which she shares with her husband, Christina’s journey is one of humor, resilience, and versatile talent.

Tom Segura Wife Early Life

Born on June 18, 1976, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, to Hungarian parents who had fled their homeland in 1969, Christina Pazsitzky’s early life was marked by a significant cultural shift when her family moved to the United States. Growing up in Southern California, she developed an early interest in the arts and academia.

Tom Segura Wife Educational Background

Pazsitzky attended the University of San Francisco, graduating in 1999 with a degree in philosophy, and briefly studied at the University of Oxford. Her diverse educational background laid the foundation for her unique comedic perspective.

Tom Segura Wife Career Highlights

Christina Pazsitzky’s career in entertainment began with her TV debut in 1998 as a cast member of MTV’s “Road Rules: Down Under.” A member of the Deathsquad Network of stand-up comedians, Pazsitzky has performed internationally, including tours with the USO in the Middle East, Africa, and South Korea.

In 2012, Pazsitzky’s podcast “Your Mom’s House,” co-hosted with her husband Tom Segura, was nominated in the Best Comedy category at the first annual Stitcher Awards for podcasts. The couple later landed a TV deal with CBS for their show “The Little Things.”

Pazsitzky also hosts the “Where My Moms At?” podcast, focusing on issues in the world of motherhood. This platform has allowed her to explore and discuss various aspects of parenting and women’s experiences.

Personal Life and Relationship with Tom Segura

Christina met Tom Segura through the comedy circuit, where they initially formed a bond as friends and comedy partners. After Pazsitzky’s previous relationship ended, the pair started dating, leading to a marriage that has been filled with shared humor and collaborative creativity. Together, they have two children, Ellis (born in 2016) and Julian (born in 2018).

Parenthood Experience

Both Christina and Tom have been open about their experiences and challenges as parents. In a candid interview, they shared humorous anecdotes about the realities of parenthood, highlighting both the struggles and joys of raising children.

Relocation and Current Residence

In early 2020, the couple purchased a $6.7 million mansion in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. However, seeking a change, they moved to Austin, Texas, in 2021, reflecting their dynamic lifestyle.

Tom Segura Wife Net Worth

Christina Pazsitzky’s net worth, combined with Tom Segura’s, is estimated at $12 million. This figure is a testament to her success as a comedian, podcaster, and writer.


Christina Pazsitzky’s life story is more than just her association with Tom Segura. She is a testament to the power of humor and resilience. Her journey from a philosophy student to a celebrated comedian and podcaster exemplifies her versatility and talent. With her unique perspective on motherhood and her ability to connect with audiences, Christina continues to be a prominent figure in comedy and beyond.

FAQs About Tom Segura Wife
  1. What is Christina Pazsitzky’s net worth? Christina Pazsitzky has a combined net worth of $12 million with her husband, Tom Segura.
  2. How did Christina Pazsitzky meet Tom Segura? They met in the comedy circuit, initially forming a bond as friends and comedy partners.
  3. How long have Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura been married? Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura have been married since 2008.
  4. Do Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura have children? Yes, they have two children: Ellis and Julian.
  5. Where do Christina Pazsitzky and Tom Segura currently live? They moved to Austin, Texas, in 2021.

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