Metallica's NEW Song is a JOKE! Lux Æterna

Metallica's NEW Song is a JOKE! Lux Æterna
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Metallica's NEW Song is a JOKE! Lux Æterna
Metallica has just released a new song called, “Lux Æterna.” The question is, will this song be a JOKE to the purists? Will it create an incurable DIVIDE between old and new school fans? Before the Black album, Metallica was a totally different band. Over the years they’ve SOLD OUT, to become more commercially successful. James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo are now OLD AF. I’m talking 666 years old…can they even rock anymore? Something tells me Dave Mustaine is rooting for their failure but we will be the ultimate judge muhahaha

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  1. Good point bringing up the Stranger Things hype and taking advantage of it with this song. Its actually very similar with the series, sounds like an 80's metal song is supposed to sound but also has an corny positive vibe with it that the originals didnt. Regardless it's a decent track, but unlike last records first single Hardwired I think this one wont last many listenings.

  2. I like it, I mean we’re not getting the Metallica of the 80s again and these guys are closing in on their 60s. Most Metallica fans are not musicians and we just go by what sounds good regardless of whatever technique they may be using. What I hear is an improvement from the sound of the last couple albums and I look forward to hearing more.

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