NEW CHEF at Adley's Mystery Cafe!!  Adley is the restaurant Boss! Clown Costumes and Turtle Tacos

NEW CHEF at Adley's Mystery Cafe!! Adley is the restaurant Boss! Clown Costumes and Turtle Tacos
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NEW CHEF at Adley's Mystery Cafe!! Adley is the restaurant Boss! Clown Costumes and Turtle Tacos
CHEF JENNY or CHEF SHONDURAS who really invented turtle tacos?!?!
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HEY EVERYBODY!! It’s another great day at Adley’s Mystery Cafe! I just hired a new guy.. he’s supposed to be one of the best chefs “this side of the Mississippi” his name is chef Shonduras, but it was his first day and he was running late! I needed hime to get to the restaurant as soon as possible because he was in charge of bringing all of our new ingredients! I just ordered a shipment of all new ingredients from Chuckle and Roar like woah dough, grand sand, good dough, and dream sand! They all have different textures so we can make anything that our customers want! Speaking of customers.. we got our first customer of the day RIGHT as chef Shonduras showed up with the ingredients! Our first customer was… clowns? I showed our clown customers to their seats and one of the clowns gave me a balloon animal as a tip! It was a pet rock! While they looked at their menus I went back to the kitchen to help the other chef set up! I have to tell him what to do cause Adley is the Boss of the mystery cafe like usual! After we got everything ready it was time to take the customers orders. The little boy clown named Niko said that they both wanted eggs with some rainbow sprinkles on top! After the clowns left we had some other customers come in.. this time they were adventurers with horses and dinosaurs! They had been exploring all day and needed some food! One of them even ordered Turtle Tacos!! And apparently chef Shonduras INVENTED turtle tacos so hopefully he makes them good! The other adventurer ordered a lollipop with some hamburger juice on the side! I made the lollipop and burger juice while my assistant chef made the turtle tacos.. and our customers LOVED THEM! I was a bit suspicious on how he makes turtle tacos that good, so I lifted up his chef hat and sure enough… there was a tiny, little, mini dinosaur under there controlling him! I needed to teach hime how to cook WITHOUT his magic dino! So I went and hired one of the explorers to teach him how to cook! Unfortunately.. he didn’t know how to cook either! Luckily we only had 1 more customer for the day! This time it was a cowgirl that ordered some corn on the cob! So I taught BOTH of my new chefs how to make some corn on the cob with good dough! Our customer loved it, and ate every last bite! We have a lot of work to do to train my new chefs, but today was still a good day in the mystery cafe!

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*

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