NEW iPhone SE Release Date and Price – NEW DESIGN REVEALED!

NEW iPhone SE Release Date and Price – NEW DESIGN REVEALED!
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NEW iPhone SE Release Date and Price – NEW DESIGN REVEALED!
GREAT NEWS! The NEW iPhone SE Model NEW DESIGN has been REVEALED! The Design is from a familiar iPhone Device we have had before BUT IT’S NOT THE IPHONE 8 DESIGN! Finally we will be a getting a LARGER iPhone SE 2023 Model and I want to give you all the latest on the NEW iPhone SE Release Date and Price Details and Specs as well!

It does seem like this time round we will be getting a model with a larger display in the future and with the potential that the design will be based off the current iPhone XR and iPhone 11 and we are SUPER HAPPY about this!
We also have the latest for you on the iPhone SE 2023 with everything about the new A16 chipset, design and Specs.

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  1. Oh nooooo I hoped they continue the iPhone 8 design! :(((((
    The design with homebutton and so on was what I loved about this phone… :((( In my opinion, they should finally make the iPhone SE be just like the 8+… I thought this would be my next phone some day, but now I think it won’t be.
    Not all people like the full-display thing… 🥲 I like it more with the big bezels and the button.

  2. I hope that the next SE would have a redesign while also keeping the exact price as the last SE not like the cough I pad 10, because that way we would be able to afford a phone and also a laptop or a PC. Right now I have an i phone 8 and I'm thinking about buying a Macbook, I would like to see the SE hitting the right spots as well as being affordable. Some of your I phone 14 pro specs were spot on last year i hope that's the case this year too. Keep us updated Mac

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