NEXT GEN OLED IS HERE! 🤩 LG 27GR95QE Gaming Monitor Review!

NEXT GEN OLED IS HERE! 🤩 LG 27GR95QE Gaming Monitor Review!

NEXT GEN OLED IS HERE! 🤩 LG 27GR95QE Gaming Monitor Review!

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NEXT GEN OLED IS HERE! 🤩 LG 27GR95QE Gaming Monitor Review!
240hz OLED Gaming monitor! Meet the LG 27GR95QE, and 1440p HDR gaming monitor! Join PC Centric as we talk MLA OLED, Meta booster, matte panel, and compare to Alienware Alienware AW3423DW QD OLED!
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00:00 It’s HERE!
01:01 Should You Be Excited?!
03:09 The Advantages of OLED!
04:39 HDR Gaming!
05:20 Downsides.
06:52 Deal Breakers?
07:42 Matte Vs Glossy?!
09:06 Should I Just Buy QD OLED?
09:43 Verdict

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  1. Just got it and I've had Matte screens forever so I've gotten used to it. Loving the monitor so far, I had the lg 950 4k monitor before. So I kinda downgraded but upgraded at the same time. Downgrade is 4k to 1440p but upgrade is 175 hz to 240hz and from ips to oled.

  2. I have a question I have a 3090 fe and when I load into a game the screen goes black and the pc restarts , and goes back to windows it’s been doing it for a month but at times it don’t do it at all but recent it’s been a occurring issue thermals are good and ran a couple of benchmarks and the pc won’t crash just when I load up a game , would have to turn graphic to low just to play ? I ddu the gpu and still nothing anybody can help be solve issue

  3. I like this size etc. but you didn't mention the Burn in on this size monitor, but I hear ASUS version of this monitor ( ROG Swift OLED PG27AQDM) has added features in the screen settings that can help alleviate these issues & maybe in time monitor makers will overcome this issue. Good clip.

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