Nintendo's backward compatibility Problem… | MVG

Nintendo's backward compatibility Problem… | MVG

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Nintendo's backward compatibility Problem… | MVG
With recent next generation Nintendo hardware news last week – It’s assumed that Nintendo will provide Switch backward compatibility for their next generation hardware. However, there are some technical hurdles that must be overcome. In this episode we discuss the concerns with backward compatibility and why I have some doubts that Nintendo will bring the entire Switch library to new hardware


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  1. none of the nintendo is backward compatible. just think about it. the famicom, super intendo, nintendo 64, nitendo gamecube, Wii, Wii U, switch.
    the only one thats backward compatible is with Wii U but that only goes back 1 generation. Lol. I knew it from the start. it sucks.

  2. Another option is that Switch 2 isn't a portable console at all… It's a beefy dock that you plug your switch into that takes the calls the switch is sending and translates it into the new dock to be output to the TV. That would be insane, but if they want to get more power out of it and can't get the battery life they want, maybe it's an option that's on the table.

  3. What a bunch of nonsense. So far nothing is known about the Switch 2/Pro/whatever.

    But if they stick with an Nvidia ARM based SoC there is no reason why it wouldn't just be able to run Switch software. Modern ARM processors are fully backwards compatible. For the GPU some API translation might be needed, but also maybe not. Ofcourse some badly programmed software might not run correctly, but 99.9% should have no issues.

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