Nope - Movie Review

Nope – Movie Review
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Nope – Movie Review
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Jordan Peele brings us his 3rd film. Here’s my review of NOPE!



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  1. Honestly I thought the chemistry was off with all of the characters. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching shows lately, and not movies. They didn’t really feel like brother and sister, and the tech guy seemed very suspicious and way too forced almost like the whole thing was a play. even the Hollywood guy why was he so weird like a generic comic book? That said, I thought it was neat how the main character was a quiet guy even before the traumatic event that we know about. You don’t really see that type of representation I feel like. But I know people like that exactly! Customers at least. And come to think of it, I think they are customers who are like farm type people. So honestly maybe that fits the profile. A total horse guy. Where the sister seemed more like an entrepreneur with some money? Honestly I thought they were going to get rid of her like halfway through the movie or something since she was such a source of comfort and optimism and life. I thought she was going to be gone so that we were going to feel more isolated. I think that would’ve been great.

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