Nothing Phone (1) Review - ACTUALLY Better than iPhone?

Nothing Phone (1) Review – ACTUALLY Better than iPhone?
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Nothing Phone (1) Review – ACTUALLY Better than iPhone?
Full review of the Nothing Phone (1), including camera test, battery, price, features 🧐
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  1. Just today when looking for a budget friendly android phone with a good camera on Amazon, one of them listed said Nothing Phone. I thought someone made a mistake. I went to look at this "nothing phone" and when it popped up I was like ooooooh I like. Then I checked the price of it…..ah yeah $1000. something bucks. WHAT?! To me I thought the name Nothing was some budget generic phone…but I was wrong.
    I wonder if "Apple" has anything to do with this label… Apples 2nd company. I wonder who's the ceo of the nothing phone.

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