ODE TO FOOD - A Cooking Videos Supercut

ODE TO FOOD – A Cooking Videos Supercut
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ODE TO FOOD – A Cooking Videos Supercut
We love table top films and food cinematography, especially when macro detail and super slow motion dials up the drama, giving us a perspective that turns the mundane into the cinematic and spectacular.

Ode To Food is just a tribute, an example of how food and cooking commercials can be compiled into a playful and stunning mood film compilation. Here’s to the creatives, directors, food stylists, cinematographers who bring the act to life. 

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(in alphabetical order)

Cathedral City – Crank Up Your Kitchen
Co Op – Breakfast
Denja – Center of the Universe
European Agriculture – Europe Rocks Your Senses
Fjordland – Traditional Food
Frigidaire – Crank Up Your Kitchen
Ikea – Sugar Cravings
Ikea – In The Kitchen
James Lovick’s Food Demo – The Classics
Kettle Crisps – Real Food Real Pleasure
KitchenAid – Yours for the Making
Lurpak – Cake
Lurpak – Game on Cooks
Lurpak – Freestyle
Lurpak – Brand Film
Lurpak – The Cook
Lurpak – Cook’s Range
Maggie – Spice
Magnum – Twist of Perfection
McDonald’s – McCafe
Meny – Weekend Cheese
Meny – Weekend Shellfish
Meny – Tales of Summer
Mutti – Ogni Giomo
Netto – Vegetables
Netto – Bread
Nowness – Demon Days
Skyr – Sikora
Svturys – Blonde Ale

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Logo Animation by Jeremy Mansford /
Background End Card GFX by Billy Glow /


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