Pathaan Teaser REVIEW - bahot Important movie hai

Pathaan Teaser REVIEW – bahot Important movie hai
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Pathaan Teaser REVIEW – bahot Important movie hai
Shah Rukh khan is making a comeback after 4 years and His Pathaan movie is a really big deal for bollywood going forward as it will launch YRF spy universe with cameo featuring Salman khan and Hrithik roshan and much more. Pathaan teaser review badal yadav bnftv


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  1. Pathaan will be a flop only for the muslim name Pathan. Sidharth is a fool change the movie name to "RaghuVir" make srk wear Rudraksha mala and red gerua, send him to kill a terrorist in Srilanka who is the last ancestor of "RAVANA" and with the help of Pakistan Intelligence he is plannjng tk destroy Ramsetu.
    mark my words bhakts will cry like childs in Theater, kgf2 will be shattered. Also srk should now take his in laws hindu name with gouri asap, he will be no 1 again trust me he doesnot need a good story he need to understand the pulse of fools

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