Phantasm Riffed Movie Review

Phantasm Riffed Movie Review

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Phantasm Riffed Movie Review
I review and poke fun at Phantasm, a scary sounding titled classic movie from the 70s.

Animated police background by Kanadaka – Content for Creators @kanadaka


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  1. That Batman cliffhanger riff was so en pointe! 😘🤌🏻
    First time I saw that joke was in the Pogo comic strip (the 1980s reboot, unfortunately) when Albert Alligator was playing a "Batman" character. In the last frame, his tail was being burned by the bad guy and the narration box says, "Is this the end of our hero's end?" and at the bottom it says, "Next Week: Of course not!"
    I've been watching those old 1940s superhero serials lately, and every time one of those cliffhangers comes on, I repeat that Pogo joke (Plot twist: I live alone)!

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