Qala movie REVIEW | Sucharita Tyagi | Triptii Dimri, Babil Khan | Netflix India

Qala movie REVIEW | Sucharita Tyagi | Triptii Dimri, Babil Khan | Netflix India
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Qala movie REVIEW | Sucharita Tyagi | Triptii Dimri, Babil Khan | Netflix India
Qala the movie, doesn’t draw its strength so much from its story, which is rather short and concise, as much it does from its aura, and sorry for the lack of a finer word….vibe. I mean, have you HEARD the songs?


Qala review by Sucharita Tyagi – I couldn’t find discernible reasons WHY Qala is a period piece, a confusion probably in place by design, like we discussed shuru mein, ki kitni cheezein badal gayi hai, aur kitni abhi bhi waheen hain. Male dominated fields mein auratein are looked at as “female this and female that”, something Anvita Dutt has ample experience with, at one point being the only female song writer active in mainstream hindi cinema. Iss movie mein unke lived experience ka saar, jaayaz gussa milega. Bulbul ki tarah hi Qala bhi qaid mein hai, khidki pe khade hokar duniya dekh rahi hai, kab udd jaayegi, kisi ko pata bhi nahi chalega. When a woman determined to own the spaces she occupies, is denied agency, the choice between exploding and imploding is but a split-second decision.

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Qala – Haunted by her past, a talented singer with a rising career copes with the pressure of success, a mother’s disdain and the voices of doubt within her.
Director: Anvita Dutt Guptan
Producer: Anushka Sharma
Starring- Swastika Mukherjee, Babil Khan, Triptii Dimri

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  1. One thing I hated about the movie,this movie could actually create a reasoning for suicide
    1)If u can't achieve goal,actor commited suicide
    2)If u have mental pressure,actor commits suicide
    I understand trauma caused it,but a movie should not influence weak minded people .Everyone go wild when other movies does something little bit problematic but this one is being called masterpiece.

  2. Tripti is awesome. Story is beautiful. All the songs are mesmerizing. Did not like Babil's acting much… Climax is dark… It reminds of that scene when Babil's charac faints or something and Tripti's charac holds him and they are in the same maze shape bg. Its same shape as that game from which she takes the mercury. Her mother is also a bit disturbed… She sees Babil's charac as her son that she lost and she hates Tripti's charac for their death… I think her mother knows that it was her who killed him somehow… The scenes which show the predator casually asking for sexual favours as if nothing has happened is spine chilling. Surely such things really happened then and maybe even happen today. Varun Grover's presence is soothing though… He brings some hope… Very beautiful movie… Just wish Marathi actresses get protagonist roles instead of just side character… I am glad that the movies are now showing how dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships can be. Even though the bond is strong and can never break, it's not always a good thing. Cruel mothers exist.

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