Rolling Up Success with RAW Papers — citiMuzik

Rolling Up Success with RAW Papers — citiMuzik

Josh Kesselman is the innovative mind behind RAW®, a brand that revolutionized the rolling paper industry. His journey from a passionate cannabis enthusiast to the CEO of a company that champions natural rolling papers is a testament to his dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s delve into the story of how Josh Kesselman turned a simple idea into a global empire, exploring his net worth, personal life, and the ethos behind RAW®.

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Who is Josh Kesselman

Josh Kesselman is the founder and CEO of RAW® Rolling Papers, a brand known for its natural, unrefined rolling papers and smoking accessories. Kesselman’s passion for cannabis and a healthier smoking experience drove him to create products that are now favored worldwide by smokers who value purity and authenticity in their smoking experience.

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How old is Josh Kesselman

Born in 1974, Josh Kesselman is 50 years old as of 2024. His journey in the rolling paper industry spans over two decades, during which he has established RAW® as a leading name in the market.

Education and career

Josh Kesselman’s educational background is not widely publicized, but his career began with a profound love for cannabis and a vision to improve the smoking experience. His entrepreneurial journey took off when he decided to create a brand that focuses on natural and unrefined rolling papers, leading to the birth of RAW®. Under Kesselman’s leadership, RAW® has grown into a multimillion-dollar brand known for its commitment to quality and sustainability.

What is Josh Kesselman Net Worth?

Josh Kesselman’s net worth is a reflection of his success with RAW® Rolling Papers. Though specific figures are not publicly disclosed, it’s reported that RAW® has evolved into a $200 million brand under his stewardship. Kesselman’s wealth is not only a measure of his financial success but also his ability to create a brand that resonates with millions of users globally.

Who is Josh Kesselman famous for?

Josh Kesselman is famous for founding RAW® Rolling Papers, a brand that stands out for its natural, vegan, and eco-friendly rolling papers. His innovative approach to smoking accessories has made him a well-respected figure in the cannabis community and beyond.

Is Josh Kesselman A Vegan?

Yes, Josh Kesselman is a vegan, and his lifestyle choice aligns with the ethos of RAW®. The brand emphasizes products that are natural and cruelty-free, mirroring Kesselman’s personal values and commitment to a sustainable and ethical business model.


Josh Kesselman’s journey from a cannabis aficionado to the CEO of RAW® Rolling Papers is a story of passion, innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality. His net worth, while impressive, tells only a part of the story. Kesselman’s true success lies in his ability to create a brand that has become synonymous with authenticity and sustainability in the smoking industry. As RAW® continues to grow, so does Kesselman’s legacy as a pioneer in the field.

FAQs about Josh Kesselman
  1. What makes RAW® Rolling Papers different from others?
    • RAW® Rolling Papers are known for being natural, unrefined, and free from added chemicals, making them a healthier choice for smokers.
  2. Has Josh Kesselman faced any controversies?
    • While RAW® has been a huge success, there have been claims regarding deceitful practices about the origin and production of RAW® products. Kesselman has navigated these controversies while maintaining the brand’s reputation.
  3. What philanthropic efforts is Josh Kesselman known for?
    • Josh Kesselman is known for his philanthropy, especially in environmental conservation and animal welfare, reflecting his personal values and those of RAW®.
  4. How has RAW® impacted the smoking accessories market?
    • RAW® has significantly impacted the market by setting high standards for quality and sustainability, influencing other brands to adopt more natural and eco-friendly practices.
  5. What future plans does Josh Kesselman have for RAW®?
    • While specific future plans are not publicly known, Josh Kesselman’s ongoing innovation and commitment to sustainability suggest that RAW® will continue to expand its product range and global reach.

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