Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11

Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11

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Samsung Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11
Comparing the camera, battery, specs and features of the Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11. The conclusion here, is perhaps not one you expected. Giveaway link:

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  1. How much has the iPhone increased and the Galaxy S decreased over the past few generations, the S23 now has less battery life than the iPhone 14, its screen resolution has decreased from 1440p to 1080 while the iphone has increased from 720p to 1080, not forget to mention is now oled, has Dolby Vision which is better than HDR 10+ on the samsung, and also features the same 4×4 mimo, its become a neck to neck battle between the iphone and the samsung now, people who want a 120 hz display and a 3x camera, go for the samsung, but people who want better battery life and performance, go for the iphone, the S23 dosent even have expandable storage now like it did in the past and costs more for the same 128 GB varient of the phone(atleast in my country), apple really have stepped up their game now giving samsung some real competition.

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