SCHOOL VLOG *freshman year*

SCHOOL VLOG *freshman year*
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SCHOOL VLOG *freshman year*
Hey guys!!
I hope you guys enjoyed spending the day with me 🙂 LMK if you guys want more!!

Instagram: emilyy.haa

Music by Mr. Chase – Wild Cherry –
Music by Dylan Rockoff – Magic –
Music by Jonah Zed – 16always –
Music by Citrus Avenue – Espresso Sun –
Music by Public Library Commute – Across The Room –
Music by Ebony Loren – All That I Need –

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  1. hi Emily! I have a question but everyone can help me with I tho, Idk if I should save money for MacBook Air , Apple Watch or just save to save and buy stuff like better desk chair because mines terrible ( or I could get a keyboard for my iPad). Anyways give me you advice please ! Thank you everyone <3

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