Simple&Tasty Chicken Fry..!|||| Chicken Fry Recipe

Simple&Tasty Chicken Fry..!|||| Chicken Fry Recipe
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Simple&Tasty Chicken Fry..!|||| Chicken Fry Recipe
Simple&Tasty Chicken Fry..!|||| Chicken Fry Recipe

Easy chicken fry recipe: a simple and basic recipe for making chicken fry using cubed boneless chicken pieces and spices. There are probably thousands of different variations to an easy chicken fry recipe including what you can add to the marinade, the quantity of spices, whether you use pepper powder or not, etc.

While I love the chicken 65 recipe which we tend to default to quite often, this easy chicken fry is a close second. You can make the basic spice paste in advance to marinate the chicken and leave it overnight in the refrigerate. You can also freeze the marinated chicken for up to two weeks but it’s best to fry it after a few hours.

A good chicken fry is like a balm to the non-vegetarian soul. Very few things can be as comforting an addition to some rice and dal. I recommend making a very simple onion salad as a side to this because raw onions go really well with the spices added to this dish.

I especially like whipping up some chicken fry if I have a mixed group of vegetarians and non-vegetarians over for a meal since it’s so easy and fuss free which leaves you enough time to focus on your paneer dishes or whatever else you choose to make.

To keep the chicken pieces spongy, it’s good to add some lime juice to the marinade. The yogurt we add to recipes like Chicken Majestic serve the same purpose but in this easy basic chicken fry, we won’t be adding yogurt since it also adds a distinct flavour which we are not looking for here.


Clean the chicken pieces and place in a bowl
Add all the spices, ginger garlic paste, salt, and lime juice to this
Mix well until the chicken pieces are well coated. You can also mix the marinade ingredients first in the bowl and then add the chicken pieces and mix together
Cover and refrigerate for a few hours. You can also fry immediately if short on time
Heat oil for deep frying and gently add the chicken pieces to it without overcrowding them
Fry on medium heat stirring occasionally until the chicken pieces are golden brown
Take out one piece and test to see if the pieces are fully cooked
When done, drain and place on kitchen towels for the excess oil to get absorbed
Proceed with the remaining pieces until all done
Serve hot with rice, any curry, and a simple salad. It’s best to consume chicken fry on the same day you prepare them

All the best!!


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