Singaporean men fashion and grooming tips | Men, Explain ft. Ayden Sng

Singaporean men fashion and grooming tips | Men, Explain ft. Ayden Sng
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Singaporean men fashion and grooming tips | Men, Explain ft. Ayden Sng
Do men have it easy when it comes to personal grooming? Everywhere on the street, we often see guys decked out in the Uniqlo catalogue, sporting the basic QB house haircut. In this episode, Sonia and our guest, Ayden Sng, delve into whether men are just lazy or basic when it comes to their personal grooming. Do guys simply grab the first shirt at the top of their clothes pile? Do they only need 10 mins to get ready? Find out more in this episode!


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  1. Layering in SG weather is madness. Yes, it's an excuse but it's a damn good one. Many 'fashionable' people from Europe or anywhere else further afield dress down when they move here. I would love to wear jackets, pullovers and coats but I'm not about to sacrifice comfort and utility just for aesthetics.

  2. yes to grooming, hygiene, looking and smelling clean (haircut, scent or even just deodorant, short nails) and paying attention to clothes and style. working out to look healthy.

    but generally no to make-up. because that's crossing the line from substance into form, and into 'vanity' zone. (exception is where if your job requires it, then that's more of substance/necessity… another exception is if you're gay – then okay, because guys are visual creatures, so if you want to find a partner then no choice.)

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