Smile - Movie Review

Smile – Movie Review
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Smile – Movie Review
Chris Stuckmann reviews Smile, starring Sosie Bacon, Kyle Gallner, Jessie T. Usher, Caitlin Stasey, Robin Weigert, Kal Penn. Directed by Parker Finn.

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  1. I stayed away from those other curse movie, so this movie felt fresh to me lol. I think this movie is pretty good and scary. It's a 9/10 because I took it serious the whole movie, I didn't like the beginning 10+ jumpscares, those were cheap. The ending felt like resident evil pretty darn cool I thought. The finale was predictable sadly. I don't think they had to end it like that.

  2. I hated the movie. I’m dealing with my own trauma and doing therapy now, and the film just felt shallow and non-genuine. The depictions of trauma and how it haunts us were very shallow and the ending message was pretty messed up. If you think about it, the movie kind of said “if you have severe trauma, you’ll never escape from it and it will just ruin your life”. Dealing with trauma isn’t about trying to throw it away from your life and entirely forgetting it, it’s more about learning how to deal with it so it doesn’t interfere in your life anymore. A psychiatrist (like the protagonist) should know this. I think the film would’ve been a whole lot more interesting if it ended with her finding a way to deal with the monster, have it around without ever being able to hurt her and mess with her day again. I was actually hoping for this while watching, seeing her actually being possessed and k*lling herself in the end was pretty disappointing.

  3. I haven’t watched many horror films but from the ones I’ve watched they usually don’t spook me. They tend to drag on or just be extremely violent with a barely interesting plot. Albeit I probably haven’t seen the better horror movies out there. This movie though was legitimately scary and kept me engaged throughout. Even the ending surprised me a bit.

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