Southern Comfort Foods You Need To Try Before You Die

Southern Comfort Foods You Need To Try Before You Die
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Southern Comfort Foods You Need To Try Before You Die
There are many great cuisines in America. The farmlands of the Midwest feature your classic meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn dishes. When you’re down in the Southwest, you can’t miss out on Tex-Mex dishes, and the east and west coasts are the lands of classic sandwiches and fusion foods.

Arguably, the most comforting dishes of America come from the South. Fried okra, country ham and red-eye gravy, hush puppies, and gumbo are just a few dishes from the south that will warm your heart and comfort your soul.

Let’s take a deep dive into the Southern cuisine and discover the Southern comfort foods you need to try before you die.

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Beignets | 0:00
Biscuits and gravy | 0:44
Boiled peanuts | 1:21
Bourbon bread pudding | 2:02
Brunswick stew | 2:32
Fried catfish | 3:09
Chicken & dumplings | 3:40
Chicken fried steak | 4:04
Chicken gizzards | 4:32
Chicken pot pie | 4:58
Ambrosia salad | 5:32
Chitlins | 5:59
Chow-chow | 6:32
Collard greens & bacon | 6:56
Red-eye gravy | 7:22
Crawfish etouffee | 7:45
Fried chicken & waffles | 8:08
Fried green tomatoes | 8:36
Jambalaya | 9:17
Fried okra | 9:47
Hot Brown | 10:06
Hushpuppies | 10:30
Pecan pie | 10:50
Pimento cheese | 11:11
Potlikker | 11:39
Red beans & rice | 11:58
Seafood gumbo | 12:25
Mac and cheese | 12:52
Sweet potato casserole | 13:23

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