Space Black iPhone for $6!

Space Black iPhone for $6!
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Space Black iPhone for $6!
Space Black iPhone 7? How about Space Black iPhone 6!
Buy Plasti Dip:
I bought mine from a local hardware store and it was $5.68 amazon is a little more 🙂

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  1. Way late the party here but I do subscribe to iTwe4kz & watch regularly this is an older 1 I haven’t seen while searching for if you can Plasti Dip an Apple Smart case & this is what I first seen so I’m here but if someone asked what I wanted for the 7 back then I would’ve said I love my 6S it’s a Tank I’ve had it forever it was jailbroken & modded to my liking but I ended up deciding to buy a 7 & did get the iPhone 7 (Product Red) 128gb! kept that until The X which I grabbed Silver in & then my next iPhone was the iPhone XR which I got 3 total bc I fkn LOVE the XR & went with Yellow, Blue, & White & those are what I’m using now occasionally I’ll swap for a new color to carry but they’re all JB & set up differently just to throw some change in my day to day! I REFUSE to buy the iPhone 11 bc personally imo it’s absolute hideous looking

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