STOP WASTING MONEY!!! iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Pixel 7 Pro

STOP WASTING MONEY!!! iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Pixel 7 Pro
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STOP WASTING MONEY!!! iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Pixel 7 Pro
Can the Pixel 7 Pro give the iPhone 14 Pro Max a run for its money?

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These are the best phones Apple and Google make, both companies make their own custom silicon chips, their own software, and both phones have a premium feel and look – so which one is better?

Keep in mind that at least in the US, there’s a $300 difference with the starting price: the Pixel 7 Pro starts out at $899 and the iPhone 14 Pro Max at $1099 – both come with 128GB of storage and let’s start out by comparing the cameras and then get to daily use.

EDIT: Selfie photo had a render error – see it here:

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  1. Nothing to note about how crappy iTunes is and how easy it is to import movies and mp3s on a pixel. While I do have an m1 Mac book air, that I use to fire up chrome for the most part. Apples locked down interface blows. Good hardware but I want to rip my own cds and DVDs. I don't need apple store telling me I pirated all my stuff… Prove it. I prefer the pixel screen over apple. For the geek, the pixel is the way to go

  2. I don't like iOS or that hideous cutout and I don't like face unlock. I have owned Google phones for the last nine years. I think the Android software experience, especially the one from Google, is far better than iOS.

    Having said all that I'm actually leaning towards an iPhone for one simple reason….battery life. Battery life on Android phones is disappointing but the battery life on the Pixel 7 phones is just terrible. For all the things I don't like about the iPhone the battery life kills anything offered by Android phones and especially Pixel phones. The only reason I haven't bought an iPhone already is how much I don't like iOS but the more frustrated I get with the battery life of Android phones the more seriously I consider an iPhone.

  3. I don't know if I missed it but did you mention the most important things you use a phone for ? Like
    Hold for Me: Allows you to leave your phone when you're on hold.
    Call Screen: Informs you of spam callers.
    Wait Times: Estimates the time you'll wait on hold.
    Direct My Call: Transcribes automated menus.
    Clear Calling: Reduces background noise in calls.
    Great voice assistant
    Speech to text
    Great keyboard
    Back gestures
    Voice transcription
    Answer and stop alarms with your voice
    Pixel is light years ahead of iphone in these things
    I have seen a lot of pixels in the wild than I have ever seen before even at my work. I have a 6a and love it. One of my friends got an iPhone 14 pro and I can tell he doesn't like it but keeping it for the hype. Kind of sad.

  4. Used to own a 14 Pro Max and decided to switch to 7 Pro. 14 Pro Max is obviously the superior phone but 7 Pro meets my needs as well. iOS is reliable but boring while AOSP is a breath of fresh air. No complaints on both phones. In our country, 14 Pro Max 256 is almost double the price of 7 Pro 128. I realized that I do not have to spend more just to get satisfied. I am staying away from brand new iPhones for now. Value for money, 13 Pro Max will be more worth it at least up to two years from now. Hopefully, Google will not increase the prices heavily so I can still afford switching to new ones. Since the Pixels are not officially supported in our country, I avoid keeping Pixels in my hand for long to avoid issues due to wear and tear.

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