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style & fashion tips rayon
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style & fashion tips rayon
Do you know that we all have a misconception that we look beautiful, stylish and fashionable in only high end garments, but actually we can look beautiful, stylish and fashionable in the most simplest of the garments by just making some detailing.

I Shivani Suri from M/s Shantye by neeshi™ believes that the we can look more stylist and more fashionable by converting our simple looking outfits made from inexpensive fabrics into the most stylish outfits by doing some detailing by adding some small elements.

Just like my previous videos, whose links are given below, in the present video I explained about how we can convert our simple outfits made from Rayon Fabric by some detaining and become stylish and fashionable, which outfits we can wear in high end parties and gatherings.

Being in fashion and in style our outfit must have 3 Cs which I already explained in my previous videos that are Comfortability, confidence and carrying of an outfit.
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