STYLE TIPS FOR short guys | Short Guy Fashion

STYLE TIPS FOR short guys | Short Guy Fashion
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STYLE TIPS FOR short guys | Short Guy Fashion
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In this video we are going to be talking about some style and mindset tips for short guys. Short guy fashion! It sucks being under 6ft, if you let it dwell on you. Today we are gonna talk about how to look fly as a short guy going over color, proportions and mindset.

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  1. Just FYI for you short guys out there. It isn't as great as you think to be tall. I work in the medical field and statistically being taller means you have a shorter life expectancy, more prone to illness, back problems, and other postural related issues like hurt shoulders. It isn't and advantage to be taller, it is just a trade off. Personally I don't think the advantages of being taller, which is only aesthetically pleasing, is worth the hight. I rather feel young and healthy, and live a longer life. I'm happy with being 5'6", when barefoot. So don't be hard on yourself. And for the love of GOD, DO NOT BUY THOSE SHOE INSERTS. They will fuck up your feet, knees and back if you wear them long term.

  2. I am a pretty woman and I never cared about the height of a man. 3 out of my 4 long relationships have been with guys an inch shorter than me. I am 5'6. But I remember a guy being upset with me because I was an inch taller and was wearing boots that had an inch heel… that was soo annoying. Not having confidence or trying to be over confident because of your height is definitely ridiculous and unattractive. Also I would not like a guy who cares about an inch plus given by some special shoes or guy who lie about being taller. I never met a short guy who doesn't say to my face that he is ten cm taller than me when he is obviously one inch shorter… ridiculous. So I got sick of it and I plan on never dating a short guy again as it equals frustration and lying about something obvious and ridiculous 🙄

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