Terrifier 2 Movie Review – Gorehounds, Rejoice!

Terrifier 2 Movie Review – Gorehounds, Rejoice!

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Terrifier 2 Movie Review – Gorehounds, Rejoice!
The first theatrically released Art the Clown movie, Terrifier 2 caused quite a splash when it hit last year, in 2022. Seriously, reports of moviegoers fleeing from the theater to toss cookies were everywhere, and the limited release got so much attention it was extended, and expanded, which helped this modest production get Damien Leone a not at all bad paycheck.

Set one year after the events of Terrifier, Terrifier 2 expands the world and the lore into where all slasher sequels go if you give them enough time. The supernatural… and boy does it dive deep into it. If this pace is kept up, Terrifier 3 will be dealing with Cult of Thorn levels of supernatural elements.

Then again, if you’re familiar with Damien’s previous works involving Art the Clown, you’d know there already was a cult dripping with supernatural horror in Art’s very first appearance, The Ninth Circle.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:53 – Already demonetized
03:35 – Meet the family
05:53 – The Clown Cafe
09:34 – Aftershocks
11:41 – Schoolyard hijinks
14:09 – All Sales are Final
16:19 – Getting prepared
19:24 – The bedroom scene
22:06 – Party time!
25:29 – Now it’s personal
27:26 – Friends fatalities in the funhouse
29:23 – The final battle(s)
32:10 – Final thoughts

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  1. I normally value and agree with your movie reviews but I have to call bs on this one it was ENTIRELY predictable. This movie ruined the franchise and took away the terror of Art the Clown for me smh he’s already been established as a character that will kill without hesitation he’s killed younger children before even babies yet he hesitates to kill ONLY Sienna and Jonathan MULTIPLE times it’s completely pales in comparison to what happen to Tara and Vicky the sisters from the first movie Art was eating her face off when she was knocked out and in this one he’s just playing with Jonathan’s foot how is that better to you ? smh this movie was terrible and the sword thing was stupid and even more stupid that it can actually teleport the little clown girl was stupid as well not scary at all

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