that new Monster High movie is hilariously dumb...

that new Monster High movie is hilariously dumb…
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that new Monster High movie is hilariously dumb…
Monster High 2022 Remake

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  1. Why would they do that to Monster High?
    The whole point of the story was embrace your differences, and now we have this human and monster racism thing, also a few other things
    1: Clawdeen wasn't necessarily the main character, she was one of the main characters along with Frankir and Draculara
    2: Draculaura never did witch craft if memory serves correctly, also, where is her accent? She's transylvanian
    3: Clawdeen was the daughter of the werewolf not a human man
    4: Why did they break up Deuce and Cleo? The thing about those two was that Deuce loved her no matter what
    I honestly have so many things to rant about but I'm not going to because then I'll be here forever

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