The ALIA BHATT Vlog | Airtel 5G Plus | VLOG 33

The ALIA BHATT Vlog | Airtel 5G Plus | VLOG 33
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The ALIA BHATT Vlog | Airtel 5G Plus | VLOG 33
Experienced mind blowing speeds at the #Airtel5GPlusLaunch event #Collab and had so much fun while influencing everyone to think of ALIA BHATT!

India Tour Dates:
14 Oct – Surat
15 Oct – Vadodara
16 Oct – Ahemdabad
22 Oct – Mumbai
28 Oct- Vizag
29 Oct- Hyderabad
30 Oct- Vijaywada
5 Nov- Jodhpur
6 Nov- Jaipur
12 Nov- Guwahati
13 Nov- Kolkata
19 Nov- Mapusa (Goa)
20 Nov- Margao (Goa)

Tickets on BookMyShow:

Video edited by Sukhansh Biswal
Thumbnail by Varun Suthar

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