The Bar Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu / Survival Movie

The Bar Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu / Survival Movie
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The Bar Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu / Survival Movie
Distributed by
Sony Pictures Releasing (Spain)
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (Argentina)

Production companies
Pokeepsie Films
Nadie es Perfecto
El Bar Producciones
Pampa Films
Atresmedia Cine

Directed by
Álex de la Iglesia

Written by
Jorge Guerricaechevarría
Álex de la Iglesia

Produced by
Mikel Lejarza
Mercedes Gamero
Kiko Martínez
Carolina Bang
Álex de la Iglesia

Ángel Amorós

Edited by
Domingo González

Music by
Carlos Riera
Joan Valent


In a cafe in Madrid; two random people are shot dead by an unknown sniper when they leave the bar. The streets are evacuated, and gradually, the rest of the people still alive in the bar come to realize someone in the group is the reason. It becomes clear that it is a government operation and they are covering up the killings under the guise of a fire. Everyone inside the cafe turns against each other. Eventually, a man emerges from the bathroom in a critically diseased condition. He drops to the floor but as the group gathers around to comfort him, he mutters, “Don’t touch me!” before dying. It now becomes clear that the group is being quarantined due to the man’s disease. Amparo, the shop owner acknowledges the man’s last words before dying and keeps five people from the group at bay who made physical contact with the man, including Elena, Nacho, Trini, Sátur, and Israel believing them to be infected. Two others who believe to have made no physical contact with the man including Andrés and Sergio join Amparo and together force the five other people down in the cellar at gunpoint. Deep down in the cellar, the group talks about random things, until Trini, who is apparently claustrophobic, starts panicking in the small dark cellar. In her panic, she runs up the cellar stairs and slips and falls down on a crate of bottles and breaks several of the bottles. Nacho realizes the liquid from the bottle is not pooling on the cellar floor but instead has seeped down somewhere and when they remove several pieces of cardboard, they uncover the grate leading to the sewer. The grate is removed but the opening to the sewer is very small. So the group covers Israel with olive oil from oil bottles to help him slip through but despite all their attempts, Israel is not able to slip through the sewer opening, and instead he is now stuck there. While the three are looking at Trini’s body, a now demented Israel comes out of the shadows and hits Satur on the head with a metal pipe and kills him. Israel chases after Elena and Nacho through the sewers. He is mostly only after Nacho as Nacho is the one who fought with him and tried to drown him earlier. Nacho and Elena run and find a ladder to escape from the sewers. Elena starts climbing the ladder with Nacho just behind her. Israel catches up and grabs hold of Nacho but Nacho manages to kick him off. Elena and Nacho continue to climb up but Israel is climbing fast and grabs a tight hold of Nacho. During this struggle, Elena drops her dose of the vaccine down into the sewer. Nacho tells her to grab his hand and gives her his dose of the vaccine just before Israel pulls him down the ladder and back into the sewer, resulting in both being killed. Distraught, Elena injects herself with the vaccine and pushes open the grate before climbing out of the sewers and into the streets, where she sees the bar burnt down from the outside. Nevertheless, she walks away from the scene and into the crowd.

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