The Hallow Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu
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The Hallow Movie Review/Plot In Hindi & Urdu
Distributed by
Entertainment One

Production companies
Fantastic Films
Occupant Entertainment

Directed by
Corin Hardy

Written by
Corin Hardy
Felipe Marino

Produced by
Joe Neurauter
Felipe Marino

Joseph Mawle
Bojana Novakovic
Michael McElhatton
Michael Smiley

Martijn Van Broekhuizen

Edited by
Nick Emerson

Music by
James Gosling


Adam Hitchens, a British conservationist specializing in plant and fungal life, his wife Claire, and baby son Finn travel to a remote Irish village surrounded by a large forest. While exploring the forest with Finn, Adam stumbles upon an animal carcass with a strange fungal substance that has burst open the body. Adam takes a sample and returns home with Finn while Claire has an encounter with a local called Colm Donnelly who seems unhappy that the family has moved in. That night, the window in Finn’s room is broken while he is sleeping. While the couple suspects the culprit is Colm in an attempt to scare them away, the police arrive and suggest that a bird flew in. The officers inform them of the legend about the surrounding forest—that is inhabited by “The Hallow”, a breed of “fairies, banshees and baby stealers”. Later, Adam spots strange movement in the woods and Claire is puzzled by the fact that the windows of the house are all covered in iron bars. The next day Adam and Finn arrive in town to replace the broken window, when they are treated coldly by the villagers who repeat the legend of The Hallow. Colm arrives at the house again, frightening Claire, and warns her to leave before giving her an old book. Adam sets his broken leg and, upon Claire and Finn’s return to the house, begins to suspect that the Finn that Claire rescued is actually a changeling. Claire refuses to believe this, and the couple fight as Claire notices Adam starting to mutate via the fungus injected into him through the stinger. Claire stabs Adam and panics, fleeing into the forest with Finn. Adam soon follows them as his symptoms worsen, and he grows weak around lights. Claire escapes the forest, running to a nearby house for help. Colm is revealed to be the owner, and he sends Claire and Finn away at gunpoint, claiming that The Hallow took his daughter Cora as well. Adam enters The Hallow’s nest and retrieves the real Finn from a fully transformed Cora. Claire fends off a group of The Hallow with a camera flash and reunites with Adam, who convinces her that he has the real Finn. They swap babies before Adam is fatally wounded by one of the creatures. The sun rises, forcing the creatures to retreat and destroying the changeling, proving that Adam was right. Adam dies from his wounds while Claire escapes to the house and cries with the real Finn over Adam’s death. Later, a logging company start to cut down the forest, and the fungus substance is revealed to be on several logs being driven away.

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