The iPhone 11 Is The Best iPhone To Buy In 2022. Here's Why

The iPhone 11 Is The Best iPhone To Buy In 2022. Here's Why
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The iPhone 11 Is The Best iPhone To Buy In 2022. Here's Why
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0:33 Casetify Cases
2:08 Reason 1: Great Price
3:05 Reason 2: Every iPhone looks the same lol
3:51 Reason 3: iOS 16 Support + beyond
5:10 Reason 4: Performance
6:41 Reason 5: Cameras are still great
8:08 Summary

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  1. Hey, good video!

    I was hesitating between 11 and 13, and then between 128go and 256go, but 11 is not available in 256go anymore. And price difference between iphone 13 256go and iphone 11 128go is huge: 430€. Still don't know what to do.

    Would be my first iPhone, coming from a 4 year and a half 64go used Huawei P20 lite dying hard since a few months already and now almost unable to use it correctly so that's pretty urgent 😅 I'm not so into paying a phone 1000€, but as my Huawei is from 2018, would I feel okay with an iPhone 11 from 2019?

    I saved the money to change this phone, but still want my purchase to be reasonable, so scared to regret, either regret buying an "old" iPhone 11, or either regret to feel stupid actually buying a phone for more than 1000€ 😅😅

    What do you think?
    Should we consider that Apple will give good prices for the black friday coming in 2 weeks?


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