The iPhone USB-C Law: Explained!

The iPhone USB-C Law: Explained!
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The iPhone USB-C Law: Explained!
All opinions in the video are my own. Armchair analyst mode activated.
The port-less iPhone:
That shirt!

The actual law:
Joanna’s WSJ Interview:

Tech I’m using right now:

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  1. my experience with wireless charging: devices heat up more, so its less efficient and tends to take longer. i cant use the device whilst it charges so its makes it useless to me. plus if im travelling and i want to throw my phone in a bag plugged in to a travel battery to charge i don't have to worry about if its gonna work – it just does. what would i do with wireless only charging, cellotape it to the wireless charger?!
    overall wireless charging as an option – to top up a bit of juice on the fly is 'fine', but its crap for the only way to charge a device.

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