The Story of Super Mario World | Gaming Historian

The Story of Super Mario World | Gaming Historian
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The Story of Super Mario World | Gaming Historian
A documentary on the making of Super Mario World, the launch of the Super Nintendo, and how the game perfected the concepts of the Super Mario series.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:48 – Part 1: The End of an Era
20:27 – Part 2: A Whole New World
43:16 – Part 3: Rumor Has It…
01:02:45 – Part 4: Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary

Early Super Mario World prototype footage and fan hacks are artistic renditions and do not represent an actual Nintendo product.

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  1. I think 3D was on everyone's mind when the SNES was launching, leading to the complaints about graphics being similar to the original NES. Lots of games used pseudo-3D tricks like scaling and rotation as spectacle whereas Super Mario World relied more on a standard 2D plane with some bells and whistles thrown in to show off the hardware.
    If they had known how fugly the PS1 and N64 era would be or how small studio pixel indies command a rabid fanbase, they likely wouldn't have used their voice to decry what is now known as one of the best looking 2D games of all time.

  2. I was just a baby when the SNES was released, but the family got it for my older brother. Super Mario World and the All Stars collection were the games of my youth. Amazing how they (World in particular) still handle so well even to this day without feeling at all clunky or dated. Timeless, classic games.

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