The "Wendigo" Diverging Evolutionary Pathway In Dark Was The Night Explained | True Story Explored

The “Wendigo” Diverging Evolutionary Pathway In Dark Was The Night Explained | True Story Explored
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The “Wendigo” Diverging Evolutionary Pathway In Dark Was The Night Explained | True Story Explored
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As a small town wakes up, they find themselves besieged by a creature of the forest. As a sherrif attempts to figure out what this thing is and where its coming from, hes not even sure himself if its real. Thats until Animals start going missing and hoof prints are being found running through the center of the town. But what exactly is this creature and where did it come from? Lets explore that in todays episode because this movie is actually based on potentially a true event!

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Isn’t it obvious? Its like a sewer gator, only its from New York: 00:00
FACTORING In everything we know, How do we know this isnt a New yorker?: 01:39
Who is this monster and what does he do?: 2:32
Who would win? One of these things or a Silver back gorilla?: 21:09
Thank you for watching guys!: 36:29

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  1. Bit of correction, since I know you're not a paleontologist. Despite what the media is still putting out, we're about 99% sure now that T-Rex (as well as likely most larger dinosaurs) did not actually have feathers, at least as adults. We've found skin impressions of Tyrannosaurs (and many other dinosaurs), showing pebble-like scales, but no trace of feathers. It seems that feathers were really only common on much smaller dinosaurs, and even then the extent to which they were covered in feathers is questionable.

    So all those videos yelling about how dinosaurs without feathers in movies and games are 'unrealistic' are probably actually wrong themselves.

  2. Thing with cats is, cats don't NEED to be social in the way we think "social" works. Cats get pretty much all of their information, as well as share said information through scent. Cats can have massive territories, in fact, my highschool biology teacher actually put a tracking collar on his female cat and found that while she was out and about for up to a week at a time, she was roaming up to 22 miles. So that's why I say your cat is never "lost", it knows exactly where it is.

  3. Say Roanoke I remembered when you said you'd do a Reveiw on the Wendigos from UNTIL DAWN after you're Reveiw of the ones from ANTLERS and after watching this video it got me thinking when ever you get to it I actually thought of a versus video like the Blind Ones vs The Berserker that being who'd win between the 2 Wendigos that you've reviewed an the Wendigo from UNTIL DAWN, who's more durable, who's more equipped, and which of these 3 are these Hellbent monsters are the most tenaciously vicious enough to win in a 3 for all.

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