This iPhone got MUCH better after iPhone 14 release...

This iPhone got MUCH better after iPhone 14 release…
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This iPhone got MUCH better after iPhone 14 release…
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Should I buy a new iPhone 14 now? As you know, Apple recently introduced new smartphones, namely the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max. But why not buy a new iPhone 14? What should you buy instead? Today I will tell you about those iPhones that you should take a closer look at this year! Why are they better than the recently released iPhone 14? Why is the new iPhone worse than its predecessors? So, watch this video from start to finish to decide which iPhone to buy in 2022!

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  1. unless you're the type that wants to spend $1000 or more, and depending on your needs and lifestyle, I would be more comfortable with the SE. Many still benefit from the "outdated design" — comfortable in the hand, muscle memory not tampered for those upgrading from the 6,7 and 8. And the home button with Touch ID which has proven to still be more faster and more accurate than under display finger print readers and face unlock. And still, the phone will perform like the expensive flagships while getting 5 to 7 years of software upgrades.

  2. This seems like the guy bought into the classic apple "ladder" strategy. The iPhone Se is just as powerful as all new phone, but wait, for only $100 more you can get this. Thenonly $100 more you can get this, then only $100 more and you can get this. Then yo are buying a phone oner $1k for something not at all worth the price for compared to what you first looked at.

  3. I recently got my first iPhone. It's a 12 Pro after seven years of only owning Android phones. I'm not switching, rather just exploring iOS and will be switching back and forth between it and my other Android phones. I'm overall impressed by it, even though I have some gripes and frustrations with iOS. None of them are bad enough that I want to get rid of this thing.

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