This is why PC Gaming is the best!

This is why PC Gaming is the best!
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This is why PC Gaming is the best!
This is the reason I LOVE PC Gaming! Venice Unleashed is literally reviving Battlefield 3!
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  1. I've never once got tricked into buying a playstation or xbox game that turned out to be a scam like the way a lot of early access games turn out to be. The only good thing that pc has over consoles is graphics and frame rate. But the human eye can only see in 24fps. A game at 100fps is pointless..
    Playstation and xbox games will always be the better choice because you know what you're getting. With pc its a hit or miss.

  2. Honestly, Battlefield 3 is amazing regardless of what you play it on.

    I still remember the days of logging hours upon hours of it on Xbox 360.

    And with the announcement that Battlefield Next is going to be revealed next month, it better be like Battlefield 3 or better. 4 was fun, 1 was meh, V….uh, yeah.

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