Top 5 Gaming Mice LATE 2022 (SHOCKING)

Top 5 Gaming Mice LATE 2022 (SHOCKING)
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Top 5 Gaming Mice LATE 2022 (SHOCKING)
my first top 5 gaming mouse vid in over a year, the market has changed a lot in that time so this is very shocking.
links/timestamps !
0:00 Intro
0:20 Starlight 12/HTS+4k
2:00 Lamzu Atlantis
3:34 Pulsar X2/Mini

5:35 G Pro X Superlight
7:00 Honorable Mentions
XM1r zowie C series Vaxee NP01s/Outset AX Cooler Master MM712
7:55 Razer DAV3 Pro/Viper v2 Pro
11:05 Conclusion
Some links are affiliate links
MOUSE FEET/GRIPS/PADS (use code boardzy to save precious $)
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  1. Can anyone help me?

    My FK1+ started double clicking and I'm torn to choose my next mouse.
    The thing that I'm looking for is :
    -mice that works for a 19/9cm hand and letting me hold it in different grips as well as being light weight
    -budget is 100$
    -reliability is my number 1 priority, so unless you have any more mice you can recommend, I feel that I'm stuck with either the xtrfy m42, razer viper or the mini.

    Any feedback is really appreciated.

    EDIT : just found a store that has the viper v2 Pro for 114$ and the deathadder v3 Pro for 112$. I might be able to get of them, but if you have any of these mice mentioned above, a word of advice would be really helpful.

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