Top 9 Gaming Laptop MISTAKES (And How To Avoid)!

Top 9 Gaming Laptop MISTAKES (And How To Avoid)!

Top 9 Gaming Laptop MISTAKES (And How To Avoid)!

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Top 9 Gaming Laptop MISTAKES (And How To Avoid)!
These are the top 9 mistakes that you’re making with your gaming laptop and how to avoid them! Share other mistakes you’ve made with your laptop in the comments!
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  1. Have you made any of these mistakes with your gaming laptop? 🤔

    Check out my top 9 gaming laptops hacks in 2 minutes next!

    LOTS of comments saying "just get a pc lol it's faster" as the video has been suggested out to a much larger audience than usual. A few things: Firstly, an RTX 3060 desktop is only like 8% faster than a laptop for similar money: Secondly, not everyone just sits at home, some people need portability, and even if the device is only used at home not everyone has space to maintain a dedicated area for a full on PC setup, or the money to have both a PC and cheaper laptop. Thirdly, why are you clicking on a video with laptops in the thumbnail if this is what you think?

  2. I dont have a gaming laptop but this does make me realize my 2015 laptop is DEAD DEAD. Now keep in mind that caring for it should have been done by the school’s IT team as that’s what we paid for, i went so often they gave me free shit, but they never actually did anything.
    The keyboard has been replaced once as for some reason (no i didnt put paper or anything between my laptop so this shouldnt have happened) the keys fell off. Multiple screws are broken, the clips to put the accu down are broken, i can hear a loose screw inside but we were never able to find it, i can take out the dvd player and put it back in with no issue… as those screws are missing aswell. The accu is dead ofc.

    My dad, who messes with computers quite often has reset it multiple times, and we upgraded it’s harddrive.

    Now keep in mind that this laptop, though i was careful, has never had an easy life. It’s a bit slow but very decent considering its almost 10 years old. And i’m convinced this wasnt the newest model at the time either. I must say ill never get a laptop with touchscreen again (this was required by school) because it’s practically twice as expensive as a normal screen. But especially for it’s model it’s had quite some issues.
    In dutch I always say ‘HP staat voor een hoop problemen’ (translated: HP stands for a heap of problems).

    Now i realized it’s really dead. Thank you. With this info i might convince my parents to get me a new one. (I may be 18 but i cant possibly buy one if im paid 5€ an hour).

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