Unveiling the Digital Creator’s Inspirational Journey — citiMuzik

Unveiling the Digital Creator’s Inspirational Journey — citiMuzik

Prerna Malhan has emerged as a prominent figure in the digital content creation landscape. Her journey is a testament to how passion and creativity can pave the way for success in the internet era.

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Who is Prerna Malhan?

Prerna Malhan is an Indian YouTuber and blogger known for her travel blog site ‘Wanderers Hub.’ She has also gained recognition for her creative work on various YouTube channels.

Education and Career

Prerna pursued a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, New Delhi. Her career spans roles as a content writer, senior content developer, and editor, before she fully transitioned into a full-time travel blogger and YouTuber.

Prerna Malhan’s Age?

Prerna Malhan is 33 years old, born on 7 April 1990.

Where is Prerna Malhan Living Now?

Prerna Malhan hails from and currently resides in New Delhi.

Why is Prerna Malhan So Famous?

Prerna Malhan’s fame can be attributed to her engaging travel content, creative blogging, and YouTube videos. Her channels ‘Wanderers Hub,’ ‘Wanderers Hub Shorts,’ and ‘Wanderers Live’ have amassed a significant following due to their diverse and entertaining content.

Is Prerna Malhan a Writer?

Yes, Prerna Malhan is a writer. She began her career as a content writer and has continued to explore her passion for writing through her travel blog and other creative endeavors.

What Does Prerna Malhan Do for a Living?

Prerna Malhan is a full-time digital creator. She manages her YouTube channels and travel blog, ‘Wanderers Hub,’ and has also appeared in music videos. Her work spans across content creation, blogging, and social media management.


Prerna Malhan’s story is inspiring, showcasing how one can turn their passions into a successful career. Her journey from a content writer to a celebrated digital creator and YouTuber is a vivid example of the potential of digital platforms in shaping careers.

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FAQs about Prerna Malhan’s Age
  1. How old is Prerna Malhan? Prerna Malhan is 33 years old as of 2023.
  2. What educational background does Prerna Malhan have? She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.
  3. Which platforms does Prerna Malhan create content for? She creates content for her YouTube channels and travel blog, ‘Wanderers Hub.’
  4. What type of content does Prerna Malhan specialize in? Prerna specializes in travel blogging, challenge videos, prank videos, and other entertaining content.
  5. Has Prerna Malhan received any awards for her work? Yes, she has earned the ‘Gold Creator Award’ and ‘Silver Creator Award’ for her YouTube channels.

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