Using the iPhone XR in 2023 – worth it?

Using the iPhone XR in 2023 – worth it?

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Using the iPhone XR in 2023 – worth it?
The iPhone XR is one of the best selling smartphones of all time, making for an abundance of XRs being used in 2023 and available on the secondhand market. How does it hold up in 2023? Should you upgrade? Is it worth buying?

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0:00 – iPhone XR in 2023
2:48 – “Budget” iPhone
4:30 – XR Camera
6:08 – 2023 Experience
8:28 – Conclusion


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  1. The iPhone 5C 2.0 – aka, the 2018 iPhone XR – holds up as expected 5 years later: extremely well. Current iOS support, solid performance, and an overall great experience even with the compromises made back when it originally released. What do you guys think, anyone using the XR right now?

  2. Honestly at the price this phone still poops on the android market. Android phones at $199.99 or $299.99 price are just booty. If you are in that price margin this or the 11 would be good buy. However, if you can find a Pixel 6A on sale like at my job where it is always $199.99; then this would still be a good buy.

  3. I got rid of my Xr in replacement for the 13 Pro in 2021. I enjoyed that phone from jumping from a 6S. However, after doing trade ins on these phones now at my job and seeing them in the wild still after being beat down, man these things have slowed down. Idk if it is because I got used to 120hz, but man has the phone aged not so well if their battery health is under 85%.

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