village tale and cooking food in the village | country lifestyle video

village tale and cooking food in the village | country lifestyle video
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village tale and cooking food in the village | country lifestyle video
Today we have the village tale of Ahmadabad and
country lifestyle video along with cooking food in the village.
The name of today’s food is gheymeh nesar [gheyme nesaar]
This dish is one of the Iranian dishes that requires a lot of skill
and is very delicious.😋
And it is specific to our province, Qazvin province.😍
In this video, we turn on the traditional tenor for the first time,
and funny and interesting things happened
that you can see in this video.😂

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Important note:
The country of Iran is very beautiful and modern,
the videos of this channel are only taken in our village or in nature 🇮🇷❤️
🔷TimeStamps Chapters [Important and beautiful parts of the video] :
00:01 – A summary of the video , Lunch and delicious food , Turning on the traditional oven for the first time and work in the garden
00:52 – Start video : village life [rural life] and cooking in nature in Iran
01:17 – An important point about our dear country Iran 🇮🇷❤️
02:06 – Watering flowers and trees
05:31 – Pouring coal into the beautiful samovar _ the beautiful garden
08:56 – We turn on the traditional oven for the first time
10:49 – Pouring firewood in the traditional tour
11:31 – Funny scene 😂
14:06 – Chop and peel the onion
16:31 – Delicious Iranian tea in the garden and village
19:05 – chopping Chicken
22:44 – Drinking tea and taking a short break with the family
24:34 – What ingredients will we add to delicious Iranian food and stew?
26:03 – Let’s get firewood with me
28:18 – Washing vegetables for salad and chopping them
32:57 – What will we add to the stew?
35:50 – Eating delicious syrup in the village and relieving fatigue
37:45 – How to make salad dressing
41:36 – Serving food
43:14 – Eating in the garden and village of Ahmadabad
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Hello dear friends ❤️🌹
We are a family from Iran and we live in Qazvin province.
The name of our village is Ahmadabad.
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Video upload time:
Saturday and Wednesday
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thank you for watching and reading ❤️😍

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