Violent Protests at Apple IPhone Plant in China

Violent Protests at Apple IPhone Plant in China
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Violent Protests at Apple IPhone Plant in China
Threadneedle Ventures Managing Partner and Founder Ann Berry joins Caroline Hyde and Ed Ludlow to discuss the impact of protests at Apple’s largest iPhone plant in China. Plus, her thoughts on Bob Iger coming back to Disney, and her outlook for the holiday shopping season.
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  1. Truly appalling how easy, breezy & quickly the human ramifications are skipped over………… Yes, this is a finance focused show & network. Being humane, however, wouldn't reduce or detract from your financial & economic blab [which didn't even flinch away from lightheartedness?!]. 🤯

    Whoever decided even 1 sentence of acknowledgement &/or compassion would detract or distract from your financial & economic chatter (along with those who go along with it): could use some seriously intensive humanity & sensitivity education!

    In the future: think harder about your titles. For the humans concerned for other humans: we don't pick whether you're included in results or not. Your title does. File that under effective communication….. To be good at 1 thing (finance) does not require that you wholly negate &/or fail at everything else it is to be human. For yourselves OR viewers. Your coldness reinforces many viewers' coldness. Showing warmth could inspire or remind your viewers HOW & reinforce: it matters.

    Bit surprised Bloomberg is cool with such callousness. SMH

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