Wanindu Hasaranga Angry | Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan Highlights

Wanindu Hasaranga Angry | Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan Highlights
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Wanindu Hasaranga Angry | Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan Highlights
Champion bowler Wanindu Hasaranga angry in Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan ODI cricket match

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  1. එක OUT නෑ… Ball eka Gloves eka ලගට එද්දී බොලේ යන Path එක වෙනවා.. Golves eke waduna Nisai Ball eka පහතට එන්නේ නැත්තම් Ball eka Bounce ekath ekka උඩට එන්නේ… අවදානෙන් බලන්න… 3rd Umpire කියන්නේ එකයි

  2. නෑ යකෝ ඌ මේ thumb nail එකේ තියෙන කුණු හරප නෙවෙයි කිව්වේ. ඌ කියන්නේ in the video there is a gap කියලා. ඒක clean out. හෙන gap එකක් තියෙනවා බෝලෙයි bat එකයි අතරේ. sound එක එන්නේ අරූගේ pad එක උඩ elbow එක බ්‍රුෂ් වෙන නිසා. වනියා පව් යකෝ. රට වෙනුවෙන්නේ ඌ ගේම ඉල්ලන්නේ.

  3. The nature of the spike says whether there was an edge or not..even if the ball does not hit anything still there might be a small spike due to disturbances in the waves near the ball..and if if the pads or a part of the body is very close to the bat the way to identify whether it was hit on a part of the body is the larger spike.but that spike is constant for a very few milliseconds..but if the ball hits the bat there will be a sudden larger spike…so there was no inside edge on to the pads..ball did not hit any part of the body nor the bat…but still it was not out from the ball tracker..because ball pitched between the offstump and middle stump more closer to the offstump and spining away from wickets..pitching inside..impact in line..wickets missing

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