What is happening in AAA Gaming?

What is happening in AAA Gaming?

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What is happening in AAA Gaming?
From The Last of Us Part 1 to Redfall, AAA Gaming has been a mixed bag this year. What is happening?
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  1. I'm tired of Billion Dollar companies shitting the bed. Just wanted to vent and let you guys know where I'm at with Redfall and the PC version of Jedi Survivor! Leave a like on the video if you enjoyed it and let me know what you've been playing and enjoying recently!

  2. I talk a lot of shit about young gamers rewarding bad behavior from developers which is unfair since I was fortunate enough to experience proper AAA Gaming in my youth. Instead of expecting gamers to boycott an industry to get it to change back to something they’ve never experienced developers are just making games bad enough to make gardening fun which is what I do a lot of now

  3. Well, I suppose "consistently bad" is technically a quality and consistency…

    Side note, I'm only going to support an Arkane game again if they decide to revisit Arx or Prey (with mooncrash quality at least).

    As for what I'm playing now, indies. Lots of indies. Right now, I'm loving Ghost Song

  4. I found that indie games are more value for money at USD20-30. Because generally they genuinely need/want to make a good product.

    All these "AAA" publishers have grown too complacent and too much spreadsheet focused.

    ONI, Factorio, Project Zomboid that kind of stuff. Solid products for a reasonable price point where the company cares about delivering as good product and likewise user experience.

  5. I've basically been playing any oldschool jrpg under the sun lately. I was never much of a jrpg kind of guy, but the state of AAA games over the last 3 years have basically pushed me into exploring other genres. Especialy with older games from 7th console gen and earlier i feel like a lot of these games have aged like fine wine, while a lot of these modern AAA games will age like milk. Literarily nobody will play or remember games like redfall and forspoken in 10 years.

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