When Nintendo Games Were on Atari | Gaming Historian

When Nintendo Games Were on Atari | Gaming Historian
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When Nintendo Games Were on Atari | Gaming Historian
Before Nintendo had the NES, their games appeared on other consoles, including the biggest: the Atari 2600. Learn about the history of these ports and that weird time when Mario competed with himself.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – Donkey Kong
03:08 – Donkey Kong Jr.
04:14 – Sky Skipper
07:01 – Popeye
08:40 – Mario Bros.

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  1. Not surprising can you name one Nintendo console that was out when Atari 2600 was here ? Cause the NES wasn’t released that’s why you saw Nintendo games on the Atari 2600 that sucked the only console NES defeated was Atari to why you don’t see Atari physical games in stores

  2. ¿Do you know that, there are ports of those games for the 8 bit ATARI computers? Well, a most interesting fact, there is a scene where some people still make programs and games for the 8bit ATARI computers and yes, i know that, many people does the same with the NES, Genesis, SNES, etc but, in the case of the ATARI computers, you don't need to purchase all games if you wanna run some of those games; you can use a self made "SIO to serial" interface, in order to connect the ATARI PC with a modern computer; this interface, uses the SIO port of the ATARI computer, and communicates it to a modern PC via serial (you may need an USB to serial converter), emulate diskette drives and Hard drives in your PC using AspeQT, even TCP IP and print to your nowdays printer, and, run a game like a Homebrew, Dr Mario for example, or Yoomp!, His Dark Majesty, Prince of Persia, etc. Some games run in a standard ATARI XL/XE with 64KB of RAM, some like Prince of Persia requires a 130XE with 128KB of RAM, and many others, without modding your ATARI PC, may need an ATARIMAX maxflash programable cartridge, or may need a mooded ATARI PC with 320, 512 or 1088KiB of RAM if you wanna run it from an emulated hard drive, so, Donkey kong and Mario Bros. will not be the only Nintendo games which you'll see on an ATARI system. I recommend Yoomp!, it`s not from Nintendo, but it's a great game, and runs on any ATARI XE/XL with 64 or 128KiB of RAM via AspeQT, real Diskette, tape, or cartridge.

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