Why Gaming Doesn't Feel The Same Anymore...

Why Gaming Doesn't Feel The Same Anymore…
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Why Gaming Doesn't Feel The Same Anymore…
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  1. Controversial opinion. But streamers killed games.

    Devs only care about streamers. Devs only care about people playing games for hours and hours.

    I think a lot of people just don't bother experimenting with games cus it's impossible to get into these days. Casually gaming is not possible anymore. It's all about being as sweaty as possible, and that's why lot of people don't play any games. They just stick with games they are best with. And because streamers only play newer games, automatically the older ones die.

  2. For anyone having this issue.. hear me out. What worked for me as a die hard gamer was actually stepping away from gaming itself to focus on myself and my financial situation. Im not anywhere near rich but if you told me that i would have this type of set up a year ago, i wouldn't Doing believe it. anything for years on end will get stale, just remember to step away so you can grow! Its all about dopamine detoxification guys! Dont QUIT, just simply step away.. And get a damn job lol 😁 we have all been there

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