Why Gaming Isn't Fun Anymore.

Why Gaming Isn't Fun Anymore.
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Why Gaming Isn't Fun Anymore.
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  1. I just loaded up my old ps3 world and just wow… I never played with anyone via online. Though my mom while being very busy would watch me and care for me every second she could. That being I was the casual nerdy 7 year old who loved Minecraft and my mom had no problem with that. She would watch me for hours building buildings after building and she was always so nice about it. My dad was more leniant to Surivival so him and I shared a survival world where we would both play at the same time and I would always ask,"Why don't you go kill the ender dragon?" and he never had a definite response it was always something like,"Im not that good" or "Thats scary" so me and him would always build houses and walls while me and him would go inside our tiny tree fort and sleep every night so no enderman would spawn,(my dad hated them). And ya know I do miss those days though I would have never traded those moments of pure joy and happiness for anything in the world whatsoever

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